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Previous Team Info    Spring 2022 Propossed Team info
Gender Season year Team
Division Grade Coaches Players   Returning
 in Spring
Reg now
Division Asst
 Reg now
Reg now
Player #
U10 B Fall 2022 Doherty D3 B3/4 2 12   Y  U10 Y d2?   6  
U12 B Fall 2022 Huaman D3 B5/6 2 16   Y  U12 Y d2?   11  
U12 B Fall 2022 SheehanCastro D3 B5/6 3 14    Unknown  U12 Unknown d3      
U12 B Fall 2022 Tarnuzzer D2 B5/6 4 12   Y  U12 Y d1   5  
U12 B Fall 2022 Vanderhoof D2 B5/6 3 12   Y  U12 Y d2   4  
U12 G Fall 2022 Dennehy D3 G5/6 2 13   Y  U12 N d2?   10  
U12 G Fall 2022 Koza D3 G5/6 3 14   Y  U12 N d3   5  
U12 G Fall 2022 Williams D3 G5/6 3 13   Y  U12 Y d3   8  
U14 B Fall 2022 Allebach D2 B7/8 3 19   Y  U14 Y d2   11  
U14 B Fall 2022 Funes D3 B7/8 2 22   Y  U14 N d3   10  
U14 G Fall 2022 Dumphy D3 G7/8 4 20   Y  U14 Y d3   15  
U14 G Fall 2022 Graves D2 G7/8 3 19   Y  U14 Y d2   14  
U14 B Spring 2022 Restrepo D2 B7/8 2 16   Y  U14 N d2   0  
U19 B Spring 2022 Strogoff D1 B12/ug 2 22   Y  U19 Y d1    11  




WYSL Travel Fields

Name,  Address - directions (if fields are closed it will be announced at the top of this page)

Farber Field, 90 Camelot Drive - Click here for directions.

Chandler Magnet School, 525 Chandler St - Click here for directions. 

Green Hill Park U10 Fields, 42 Skyline Drive (lower field)

 Knights of Columbus Field, 61 Englewood Ave 

Glodis Field, 211 Providence St - Click here for directions.

Voke Tech Field, 42 Skyline Drive (Upper Field) - Click here for directions.

US SOCCER Policy on Heading

Per MAYS & MYSA Heading is not allowed in U12 or lowerey Stadium, 305 Chandler St, Worcester, MA 01602 - Click herefor directions.

Travel Division Important Information

Travel FAQ's

Team Selection Process

Importan Links

Check The Schedule of a Travel Team

go to https://www.sportsmanager.us/wysl.htm

  1. Click on "Schedule/Scores' on the left, then select the division on the top middle (for example, "U10 Girls Travel Soccer".   
  2. When that is selected, the teams options will appear.  Select the team (based on coaches name) under the "All Teams" drop down box.
  3. In the boxes that appear further down at the top middle, choose "Future schedule" to see all the remaining games and practices.
  4. To find the field location, click on the question mark on the left side.

Images below.

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